Have you ever heard of Romeo Santos? Neither had I. Last night while scrolling through the documentary listings on HBO, I saw a listing for The King at Madison Square Garden: Sold Out.

I decided to check it out. Am I glad I did. Romeo (Anthony) Santos is the King of Bachata music. This is the sound and music of the Dominican. He is the composer/performer and I was spellbound.

The extremely fast impossible to pronounce lyrics just flow and what is more amazing is that the entire sold out audience at the Garden, knew the words and sang right along with him, complete with gestures.

His adoring fans are mostly women and girls, but there are plenty of men and couples dancing in the aisles.

His band is outstanding. Mostly guitars and drums, including bongos. The artists are all great. He has three backup men and one woman, who has a truly haunting voice.

He has terrific dancers to round out his show. The lighting and staging is perfection. This made me want to see all of his concerts.

In this concert, he does a hip hop Latin duo with Usher, and they make a great pair. Then Usher does a bongo solo and brings the house down.

Romeo was born in 1981 to a Dominican father/Puerto Rican mother in Brooklyn. While he speaks English, his music is entirely in this Spanish type language of the Dominican.

I checked him out on iTunes and immediately ordered Volume 1, with sixteen of his songs. Now I have this on my phone and can play it in the car.

The concert at Madison Square Garden was in 2007, and was his third sell out at the Garden. It is on DVD, or you can currently watch it on HBO, Documentaries.

You won’t be sorry.