When I was ten years old, the highlight of my day all summer long, was the Good Humor man. He can around our neighborhood every afternoon. I loved the ice cream bars. Especially the mint ice cream with chocolate covering.

When I had a whole quarter, I would buy a pint of peppermint candy ice cream and eat the whole thing myself, with the little flat wooden spoon that came with it.

Nothing even came close, until Dairy Queen and their dipped cones. And finally in 1962, Baskin and Robbins 31 flavors.

Now I have discovered something quite good and only 100 calories. Weight Watcher’s Giant Fudge Bars. And now there are coffee flavored latte bars as well. These are very creamy and only have 90 calories.

I did see Good Humor bars in the freezer section the other day, but it was a huge box, that I doubt would even fit it my freezer. Plus, no little bell ringing, like the original Good Humor man.