Now that we are going into October and the baseball playoffs and the World Series, all you baseball fans must be getting excited. I know I am.

For those of you ladies (and men) who don’t enjoy watching baseball, try to get a fan to watch a game with you and learn about it. It can really be exciting. Plus its fun to have ‘favorite’ players and teams.

While this is going on, football season has begun. Saturday is college football and Sunday is NFL football. I love to watch a good game. So ladies if your idea of what to do during Sunday football is to go shopping, think again.

If you are married, your husband would love to explain this all to you. If you have a boyfriend, same thing. Plus you can always bring out some yummy football snacks.

My favorite is still the Chex mix made with corn, rice and wheat Chex. And of course peanuts and pretzels. Recipe on box. Secret ingredients are Lawry’s seasoned salt and Worsteshire  (spelling?) sauce. This is not the same as the already made varieties in the supermarket.

If you want to get really fancy, get some chocolate covered almonds at Trader Joe’s. Buy a white squirt on icing  cake decorator tube and draw fine line down middle and three across and you will have darling little ‘footballs’ to sprinkle into the mix.

OK> Time to get back to the Niners/Colts game I am watching. Wrote this blog during half time.