Have you ever bought a Groupon? These are special deals on goods and services that you purchase on the internet.

Sometimes it is half price at a restaurant, sometimes $10 for a photo book, and today was a deal to use at Sephora.

As Sephora is a place I shop anyway, this caught my eye. For $5, you got a $10 gift certificate to be used at Sephora.

I noticed that 100,000 had been purchased already, so I joined in.

I printed it out and went to Sephora to see what damage I could do. Like double couponing, I like to try to find something on sale and then use my coupon.

Uh, oh. I was supposed to ‘activate’ the coupon on the Sephora website and I didn’t see that part. The cashier and her supervisor were ever so sweet to do it for me on my iPhone. (Sometimes it’s good to be older and play the stupid old woman who doesn’t know how to operate her iPhone).  The wonders of technology.

Voila! OPI nail polish, which is usually $9 a bottle. Last year’s colors on sale for $4.50 each or three for $10. But for me it was three for $5. Even better. That’s less than no name nail polish at the drug store.Photo on 9-6-13 at 4.20 PMPlus the darling little gift bag that is perfect for that little gift. I think my twelve year old grand daughter has her name on the purple. It’s called Just a Little Dangerous. The silvery one is called Already Famous, and the mud colored one is called Happy Earth Day.Photo on 9-6-13 at 4.23 PM

The folks at OPI must have a lot of fun figuring out names for all their polishes. So much easier to remember than a number.

So many cosmetic lines use very mundane names such as Beige, Tan, Ivory or worse numbers like 401, 604, or 368.

Parking garages should take a tip from OPI and color each numbered floor a different color. Easier to remember the color green, than the number 4.

At the Century Center parking garage in Los Angeles, each floor has a different movie theme song. Clever