The other day I wrote a blog called Easy as Cake. It got 170 hits, but when I tried to reread it, it had disappeared from my site. I can’t find it anywhere and I know I posted it.

So I have decided to rewrite it and post it again, for any of  you who may have missed it.

I love to bake from scratch, but cake mixes have improved and I sometimes make a cake using Duncan Hines mixes. If you add a mixture of vodka and orange juice instead of water, your cake will be very moist and last for a week in the refrigerator.

To save time, which we never seem to have enough of, when it is time to grease the pan, simply put your hand in the empty plastic bag that the mix came in. Use this instead of getting out that roll of waxed paper. Then when you have the egg shells to throw away, turn the bag inside out and put the garbage inside. Voila.

Also, when making a chocolate bundt cake, grease the pan and instead of flour, dust with cocoa powder. No more white streaks on the finished cake.