My bedroom outlet was a big tangle of cords. So many electronics and chargers needed these days. One for the phone, the headset, the Kindle, the lamp, the light up mirror and which is which.

So today I ‘solved’ that problem with an electronic man. I found him at Simply Organized just waiting for me. He was in the window looking so lonesome.Photo on 8-14-13 at 2.26 PMThe hardest part was getting him out of his plastic home. This required careful cutting all around and across each arm and leg.

When I finally got it all set up, he is so cute, I love it.photoNow I can smile instead of frown as I walk by this area. At $24.99 I had to justify this ridiculous purchase. So I figure over a year, it is only about 7 cents a day. And the second year is free.