If you aren’t using coupon codes when you order things online, you are throwing away a lot of money.

If you are going to order something online, just type in the company and add coupon code and voila!.

Here is a good example: I subscribe to Hallmark e-cards. This is a very handy website for emailing greeting cards. There is even an address book with your recipients names and addresses and friendly reminders for birthdays.

The price for the subscription is $12 a year, which is what I paid last year. But if you look up the promotional code, (Hallmark e-card subscription coupon code)  which right now is 6YEAR6, it is 50% off, or $6. Even better.

So for $6 a year, I could sent 100 greeting cards or more. That would be six cents a card and no stamp.

Plus you can order the card to be sent at whatever day you choose, if you are in the mood to go card shopping well before the actual date.

So always check. Worse case scenario, they don’t have a promotional code for what you want.