How hard can this be? Might even be fun for a party. Let everyone assemble them themselves. Even Better!1374615874_homemade-big-mac-recipe1First you will need four hamburger buns/with seasame seeds and four bottoms. Two pounds of ground beef. I use sirloin and grind my own from a piece of sirloin. Make into eight flat patties.

You will need one cup of shredded romaine lettuce, and 1/2 cup of dill pickle slices. And 8 slices of cheddar or American cheese.

Meanwhile make the Special Sauce.

1/2 cup mayo.

2 T, French dressing

4 t. sweet pickle relish

1 T minced white onion

1t. vinegar, 1 t sugar and 1/8 teas. salt.

Mix and chill in fridge.

Cook patties and top with slice of cheese. Pickles can go over or under cheese.

Sauce goes on bottom buns, topped with lettuce, then patty, cheese, pickles. Enjoy.