Who knew that marshmallows could cure a sore throat?

I had heard that swallowing a big spoon a granulated sugar took the pain of a sore throat away. But a marshmallow?

I have been a big fan of marshmallows my whole life. I love s’mores, and toasted marshmallows. I see now where marshmallows now come in jumbo size, which is even better.

If you want to cut up a marshmallow, the best way is with a scissors that you have run under the faucet. This keeps the blades from sticking. Or just buy a bag of mini-mallows. These are good in fruit cocktail or chocolate pudding.

Of course marshmallow cream is the very best topping for chocolate ice cream. I think this used to be called a black and white sundae. Warm the cream in the microwave for a few seconds.

If plain old jet puffed marshmallows seem like kid stuff, get yourself to Neiman Marcus candy department. They have a whole wall of flavored, pastel colored marshmallows. These come in pretty cellophane wrapping. The mallows are square and would look nice on a plate served with dessert. $8 for a package of about a dozen.

This would make a good hostess gift if you are going to dinner at someone’s house and that person ‘has everything’.

Or, if you want to get really creative, you can actually make your own. There is a recipe for this online and I did it once. I made toasted coconut marshmallows. I think it was a Martha Stewart idea.

I don’t remember exactly how, but it involved lots of egg whites and a syrup made of boiling sugar. And as I recall, it required sitting overnight, uncovered on the counter to ‘harden’.

Turned out that nobody really liked coconut marshmallows except me, and no way could I eat 24 of these babies.

p.s. if you are wondering why I haven’t been writing a post every day, I just haven’t been in the mood. I will still post blogs, but probably not every single day.