I’m still not unpacked and here it is Thursday already. Got home late Tuesday night. I am almost caught up on my sleep.

Only a three hour time change, but it still bothers me. I have some nifty little pills called No Jet Lag. You get them at the health food store. Take one at take off and then another every two hours and you aren’t supposed to get jet lag.

I did this religiously on the way to Vegas, and it was just like the package said. Coming home I forgot after the first one and so I got jet lag.

I remember when it took ten hours to fly to Los Angeles. Now it takes five and a half to fly to Vegas. Whee.

In the olden days, going to the mainland on an airplane meant wearing a special outfit. Today it’s just shorts and sneakers for almost everyone.

We really lucked out with the weather. It was only 95-100 degrees, whereas next weekend it is supposed to be 114-117.

I’ll try to write a more thrilling blog tomorrow. Today I am still so sleepy, my mind is not working as usual.