Today I forgot to write a blog. I was busy watching game 6 of the NBA finals. How many 75  year old widows are glued to the TV screen for three hours watching professional basketball?

The Miami fans really got their money’s worth today. After seeing their team go back and forth for a point or two, suddenly the Spurs were 13 points ahead.

There was lots of action and many of the players from both teams were crashing into one another and on the floor. I think these guys are going to be pretty sore tomorrow.

Miracle of miracle, Le Bron James and the Heat really turned on the heat in the fourth quarter to tie the game at 95-95. That meant it had to go into overtime.

This was a must win for Miami, in order to force game 7 of the Finals on Thursday. More back and forth with the score inching up to 100-101. More excitement and the final: Miami 103, Spurs 101.

I can’t wait for game 7. It will be played in Miami at 9 p. m., which means here in Hawaii at 3 in the afternoon. Good the games are two days apart. I would never get anything done around here. Go Heat!