There are lots of things we use all the time and then throw away the container when we think it is empty.

Sometimes it is not. For example, those little tubes of face cream that companies give as samples have lots of product inside that you can’t squeeze out.

So after you have ’emptied’ the tube, cut the tube about one third up from the bottom and Voila, there should be another one or two portions nestled in the cap end. Use your finger or a q-tip and then if you want to reseal the tube, use the end you cut off like a cap.

You can do this with any tube of cream or gel. Could be shampoo, toothpaste, hair products, sun tan products and on and on.

In the kitchen, if you have a little mayonaise left in the bottom of the jar, or even just on the sides, add some oil/vinegar, and seasoning or lemon juice and make a salad dressing. Just shake it. Or, if you like a blue cheese dressing, add buttermilk, blue cheese crumbles. Top with bacon bits.

I always make my mashed potatoes with mayonaise. They are fabulous. So the other day when my mayo was low, I just added a little milk to the jar. Shake and pour. Perfect/ Every last drop.

Also catsup/ mustard/jams and jellies/honey are a few of the things that stick to the inside of the container and when you think the container is empty, think again. Add a little liquid, shake and you have a little sauce to add to something, or make a salad dressing.

There, that is my money saving tip of the week.