I am reading the funniest book right now, and I just have to tell someone about it.


This is the debut novel about three super rich Chinese families living in Singapore. The story begins when Rachel Chu and her boyfriend Nick Young, two thirty year old professors from NYU go to Singapore for the wedding of Nick’s best friend, Colin.

When they get to the airport/flight, she is very touched by his splurge on first class. When the stewardesses seem to know him by name, she is amazed. As far as she knew, Nick was a Chinese boy of ordinary background, very conservative and almost frugal.

When they are met by two Rolls Royces (one for the luggage), it is starting to hit her.

She has had no clue what his family is like and expects that they live in a modest home and she is totally unprepared for reality, Chinese style.

All of Nicks relatives are multi billionaires and live in palatial estates with white jacketed servants. Dinner for 50 at home is not unusual.

The women fly to Paris to buy their clothes. Their jewels are priceless. However they like to buy ‘costume’ jewelry earrings just for fun. Their idea of ‘costume’ jewelry is a $750,000 pair of jazzy earrings.

The wedding, at which Nick is Best Man, is the Wedding of the Year, with full coverage in all the Chinese papers. It is actually a ‘merger’ of two great families.

The bachelor party is a private plane trip to Macau and the bachelorette party is a private plane trip to a private island, owned by the mother of the bride. The island is complete with 30 over the water bungalows and boutique loaded with Paris originals. And of course a luxurious spa.

And it is all FREE.

This book is every woman’s fantasy. Written by a man and totally fun. I kept thinking this would make a very good movie.

I ordered this book on Audible.com, so it is read to me as a great adult bed time story. Or you can read it in hardback, or on your Kindle. Enjoy