I always knew that scents have a big impact on one’s state of mind and well being. When I was working in sales, often for eight or ten hours with no break, I would carry a small vial of peppermint oil and every now and then, take a sniff.

This would revitalize me. Sometimes I would rub a few drops on each wrist. You can find various oils on Amazon or there are shops that sell essential oils.

The easiest way to enjoy fragrance is with a fragrance candle. Rigaud makes the very best ones, but they are expensive and hard to find, except online. Amazon does it again. A candle can cost $50-$90, so you don’t burn it for very long. A little goes a long way.

If you aren’t familiar with this brand, it is the Best. The green one is like a fresh forest and the blue one reminds me of baby powder. They come in various sizes and have a metal lid to ‘turn it off’.

I found six small bottles of sandlewood oil on Amazon for $15. You only need a little. Purchase an oil diffuser and just pour a little oil on the glass dish, light a tea light underneath and Voila.

An oil diffuser can be electric or very simple. I bought the least expensive one. It was only $6 and it works just fine. It is a wrought iron stand, with a glass dish on top. There is a place at the bottom for a tea light candle.

The oil, diffuser and 125 tea light candles will set you back less than $40. If you burn this in your bedroom with the door closed, it will be a very pleasant surprise every time you walk into your room.

I was told that sandlewood  oil is an aphrodesiac, but I just think it is a feel good scent in general.

So if you are feeling blue and need a ‘lift’, simply pour a little oil in the dish, light the candle underneath, sit back and see your spirits soar.