Have any of you Dear Readers ever been on an internet dating site? I have. In fact my last two long term relationships were with men I met on one of these sites. (And one didn’t even post a photo). But he had a great profile.

So, when I found myself again single, and since I am not in the workforce, it seemed like a logical next step.

Well either the men are getting weirder or I’m just jaded, but after two months, I could actually write an entire book. Don’t know if it would be a comedy or a tragedy. Probably a comedy.

I am 75, and I get lots of ‘hits’ from men who are 20, 23, 34 and so on. Also lots of long letters from men in Sweden, Australia and Scotland. Not to mention Florida, Wyoming and California.

And there have been about a dozen ‘first dates’. Nobody I would care to see again for any reason. There have also been lots of rejects, as men can easily disqualify themselves in one or two emails. How’s this? “I would like to meet someone who doesn’t judge me on my looks or personality or what’s going on in my life”. What?

Or this from a 23 year old, who said he was 69, when I told him No Way. “So what are your plans for tonight?”

And then there was the 67 year old who got as far as a phone call and mentioned that his photo was taken in 2000. Imagine not updating your photo in 13 years? Or the guy who put under Favorite Things, ‘I have no favorite things’.

I’m sure there has to be my ‘perfect match’ out there. If any of you readers happen to be in Honolulu and have been enjoying my blogs AND know someone who might fit the bill, please send me a comment and I will follow it up.

My daughter says life is simpler without a man, but I have always had a ‘man in my life’ and it seems strange not to. Hope springs eternal.