When my son, who is a graduate of UCLA with an MBA from Pepperdine needs to have his phone programmed, he hands it to his eleven year old son, my grandson.

When he comes to visit me, he can usually figure out how to make anything work or open. If I can get him to remove his headphones for a minute, I can request anything electronic or mechanical.

So when I saw this photo today, I really had to chuckle. The children of today are just growing up with a knowledge of technology.FWYourat

When my other grandson was nearly two, his favorite ‘reward’ was being allowed to play on the computer. My daughter taught him the password at that time, which was DOCTOR.

When he went for his two year check up, there was a new doctor. He introduced himself, “Hello, I am Dr. Johnston”. And Ben said, ‘Oh, D-O-C-T-O-R’. I think Dr. Johnston was more than a little shocked.

I remember having to learn to tell time with a clock that had hands. Do they still teach the multiplication tables? Why, everyone has a calculator on their phone.