This just in from the Department of Health. What happened to Michael, Robert, Paul and John and Mary, Susan, Nancy, Diane and Sharon?

Most common names given to babies in Hawaii, 2012: (Similar to general USA list)


1. Ethan
2. Noah
3. Mason
4. Elijah
5. Logan
6. Jacob
7. Liam
8. James
9. (tie) Aiden, Daniel, David, Jayden


1. Sophia
2. Emma
3. Isabella
4. Ava
5. Mia
6. (tie) Chloe, Olivia
8. Lily
9. Madison
10. (tie) Abigail, Aria

Source: Hawaii Department of Health

In Hawaii, it is very common to give a Hawaiian middle name to a child. Here are a few of those:

The most popular Hawaiian middle names given to boys born in 2012 to one or both parents of Hawaiian or part-Hawaiian ancestry include Kaimana, Ikaika, Kalani, Kamuela and Kekoa. For girls, Kealohilani, Mahealani, Kaiulani, Lokelani and Noelani topped the list.

When I had my babies in 1958, 1960 and 1962, I chose Gary, Jody and Sherry. Other popular names were Jeffrey and Peter for boys and Sally and Carole for girls.

In my parent’s time and my grandparents time here are some names I remember. Jeanne, Claire, Bertha, Dora, Rozalind, Maxwell, Stanley, Marshall and Harold. These were names of my relatives, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

My father’s first name was Conrad, and his middle name was Wilfred. When he came to Hawaii in 1934, people he worked with called him ‘Mr. Conrad’, as a title. Just as they would say ‘Mr. Robert’, or ‘Mr. Thomas’.

He didn’t like his last name and later legally changed it to Conrad as well. So he was known as Conrad W. Conrad. Most people called him Connie.

Times have changed. Names now seem more biblical and also more ‘old fashioned’ sort of like Jane Austen times. Except for Sophia. Is that because of the popularity of Sophia on Modern Family TV show?

It’s amazing how name popularity changes in as little as ten years. My own grandchildren who are 11-13 were all given popular names of the time when they were born. Benjamin (Ben), Steven and Cameron (Cami). Now they wouldn’t even make the list.

And my own name, Sandra (Sandy) is not very popular. In fact, I have only met two other women named Sandra in my whole life.