Today I got an email from Nordstroms. It was to remind me that it is now time to purchase a new swimsuit for summer.

I’m not really in the market for a bathing suit. I have at least five in my drawer that have never even gotten wet.

I think swimsuit shopping is every woman’s least favorite thing. First of all, the mirrors in the dressing rooms must be trick mirrors. I don’t think I look that awful in my home mirrors.

Then you have to get almost completely undressed. Figuring out size is not so easy either. And what if you get all undressed and then realize you need another size? Good luck having a salesperson come check up on you and see if you need anything?

But to order a swimsuit online must take some special courage. Or you have a perfect body and know exactly what brand and style you like.

I can remember back in the day, when here in Hawaii, we had our swim suits custom made. The place was called Linn’s and there were two color choices, red palaka and blue palaka. This is an island ‘plaid’. The suits were two piece and you had your choice of bottoms with a sailor front or not.

It took a week and everyone had the same bathing suit. This was in the 50’s.

Then I was in the school Aquacade every year and our ‘costumes’ were beautiful bathing suits. Now thirty or forty of your friends all had the same suit. I remember when I was about twelve, I was in the ‘comet’ number and had a metallic one piece red orange bathing suit that glowed in the dark.

These were some of the choices on the Nordstrom’s Web Site. By the way, they had lots of bathing suits well over $100.

If I had to choose from this list it would definitely be ‘minimize hips and bottom’.
Swimsuit Item
Two-Piece Sets
Beach Accessories
Enhance Bust
Full Bust
Long Torso
Minimize Hips & Bottom
Trim Tummy
Crochet & Lace
Mix & Match
Retro Inspired
Very Sexy One-Piece
Featured Brands
La Blanca
Robin Piccone
Tommy Bahama