‘Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match. Find me a find, catch me a catch’. Remember that song? I think it was from Fiddler on the Roof.

So Dear Readers, I need your help. For those who have been reading my blog, you know all about me. If you are just signing in for the first or second time, then besides the fact that I like to cook and bake and am very funny, I have lots of other good qualities. The worst thing I do is: I use two paper towels when one is sufficient.

This is a recent photo of me. I am a 75 year old widow, with no man in my life just now. I would like to change that ASAP. I usually post one blog a day. In the interest of ‘hitting’ as many readers as I can, I will let this blog run until Sunday. (Free advertising)ImageI was married to three husbands over 43 years, had numerous boyfriends, but now find myself single. Here in Honolulu, it is very difficult to meet potential suitors if you are not in the work force and don’t belong to any clubs or organizations.

I am Jewish, but don’t go to temple, or any other religious activity. I don’t care what religion a person is, as long as they are not fanatical.

I have lots of interests, love music from The Stones to Country and beyond. Love going to the movies, playing Texas Hold Em, watching sports of all kinds. Favorite TV shows were Deadwood, Sopranos, The Wire and Sex and the City.

I have the additional ‘problem’ in that I am more comfortable with ‘younger’ men. Probably mid sixties would be about right, but if a man were my age and very peppy and fun, that would be OK.

I do have certain criteria: He must have a good sense of humor and be able to laugh at himself. He cannot smoke. He has to be clean and honest. He has to be intelligent enough to know the difference between your and you’re. He cannot sleep with his pets in his bed. His car must have a working air conditioner. He should look good in jeans. There, that’s pretty simple.

He can’t be too young. If they are too young they want to hike and bike. Oh, and sail.  And on dating sites, so many men think the perfect first date would be a walk on a moon lit beach. Sure, any woman who would go for a walk with a perfect stranger on a dark beach would have to have her head examined.

I did get a letter from an admirer whose dream it was to grow his own food, spear his fish for dinner, sail on his boat to other islands, live in a tree house on the beach, all with me. My idea is to go to a nice restaurant, order fish from the menu and live in an air conditioned condo in a high security building.

So if any of you readers have a brother or an uncle or a friend to recommend, please send me a comment and I will follow through.

Photo on 3-12-13 at 1.26 PMAnd what’s with these 69 year old men, who claim they are looking for a woman between 30-50, slim and who likes to go sailing? And ride on the back of their Harley. Guess that let’s me out on all counts.