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I was trying to log into my Office Depot account and could not remember my password. Actually I’m not sure if I ever had one for this account.  So the site has asked for my Identity Verification.

All they wanted to know was all the information on any receipt from the past twelve months. As if I saved a receipt from Office Depot the last time I bought a ream of paper for $3.99. You must be kidding.

I phoned customer service and after asking me my account number, name, address, date of birth and email, the girl said she would change question two to ‘What is my email? ‘ (rather than the receipt question).  Question one was easy, ‘What is your last name?’

So in 24 hours I will get a letter from Office Depot telling me just how to enter all this information and ‘get my password’. I can’t wait.

I really think this login thing is getting absurd. Who would want to ‘hack’ into my Office Depot account? And these new passwords with at least eight letters and one has to be a capital. Really. OH, and there has to be at least one number also.

I remember when pin codes first came out for ATM machines. You could have 1-2-3-4 and nobody cared. Of course most people didn’t know how to actually use these machines, and now it is second nature.

There are even ‘piggy banks’ for children that look like ATM machines, and Monopoly has an electronic version that dispenses money from a machine. You just ‘swipe’ your credit card.

Maybe Candy Land will be next.

My favorite memory ‘trick’ is to write these things down on my desk blotter calendar. Of course each month when I rip off the top page and get a nice new clean one, all my little notes disappear.

For the longest time I used the same password for everything, but now that won’t work as some companies are getting very fussy about all the details.

Why don’t they just have a little place on the computer screen to place your thumb print? Wouldn’t that be a lot easier?

  • Please provide a purchase Date
  • Please provide a Store Location Number
  • Please provide a Store Register Number
  • Please provide a Store Transaction Number
Thank you for being a loyal Worklife Rewards® Member!To receive your Rewards online, you must update your Member profile. First we need to confirm your identity.
Confirm your identity by answering two questions.

Member Number: 1739215208

Select your first question:  
Last Name: Must match the last name on your account.

Select your second question:  
Purchase Type: Select the type of receipt you would like to use. The receipt should be for a purchase made in the last 12 months as a member.
Please enter the following information from your Store Receipt. All information is required to process your request. Please see the sample invoice below.
Purchase Date*:
Store #*:
Reg #*:

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