I wonder how many people know how to make great mashed potatoes from scratch. Here is how I do it.

First rinse and scrub a few russet potatoes. You can use red ones if you like. Cut in half with skins on. Cover with water in big pot. Bring to a boil and boil until you can easily stick a knife  into a potato.

Now you can hold each one under cold water and the skin will peel right off. You may want to leave a few shreds of skin on for flavor. Now add some butter, milk and the secret ingredient Best Foods Real Mayonnaise. A big glob. You could probably leave out the butter and milk. Salt/pepper, mash away. Yummy.

If you want to make mashed potato doughnuts the next day, make some extra and you will be all set. Doughnuts take one cup of mashed potatoes. You can get recipe from King Arthur site.