Monte is no longer with us, but his chicken will live on. Forty years ago, my girlfriend Sally was married to Monte. She wrote/compiled a cookbook made up of recipes from her friends and relatives. She had a lot of friends and relatives.

The book is called Sugar and Spice by Sally Goldman. It is out of print but I recently snagged two copies in a thrift shop. And sent them to my daughters, who also love to cook and bake.

Mine is autographed from Sally as I contributed two recipes to the book. Maui Potato Skins and Potatoes Ambrosia.

One of the recipes was from Monte. To this day, this is how I prepare chicken. Even if I don’t plan to fry it, I always soak it first in the famous mixture. Seems to tenderize it and give it a wonderful flavor.

First you need a cut up chicken. I buy the organic whole chicken and cut them up myself, using the fabulous Cutco scissors ($99). If you buy the chickens at Costco they are $2.49 a pound. In a package of two, it works out to about $13 or $14 a chicken.

You should be able to get at least two dinners and a two quarts of chicken broth out of one chicken. Freeze the other one.

If you have the energy, you may want to cut that second one up and freeze the parts?

Anyway take one cut up chicken in a bowl and cover with milk. Add two tablespoons of Tabasco sauce and some salt.

Put in fridge for a few hours or overnight. The longer the better.

Heat 6 ounces of butter/margarine and 6 ounces of oil in large skillet. Roll chicken in flour/paprika and brown, first skin side down. Then cover and simmer for ten minutes.

Finish by crisping in oil, drain on paper towels.

Monte was a multi millionaire, who along with his younger brother Alfred inherited their father’s fortune. He had invented the shopping cart, as we know it today. This was so his poor wife could go to the market with baby Monte. Originally from Oklahoma, I met the brothers when they moved to Hawaii and purchased the Kaiser estate.

The brothers flipped for the existing house and then proceeded to build 20,000 and 14,000 square foot houses between the ocean and the tennis courts.

For a while, I dated Monte, but Sally was really in love with him. After being married to Pat Bolen, who owned a football team, now Monte, Sally was an accomplished millionaire wife.

She was still a great cook and marvelous hostess. And Monte still made the best fried chicken.

Monte was given this recipe from the McIlhenny Archives on Avery Island. The McIlhenny family owns Tabasco.