Happy New Year!

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Now that I have your attention: This blog was posted one year ago today! Really tomorrow. So here is a repeat. Happy New Year.


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I have a new toy. It is the Word on my Mac computer. I can print mailing labels using whatever font, size and color I choose. It looks so professional.

I have an HP Photosmart printer, scanner, copier and other than ink, it was a real bargain.

You can use any font style. I like Marker Felt as it is easy to read and yet has a little style. I have also used Lucida Handwriting and my favorite font is Comic Sans. There are so many, it is fun to experiment.

I like to use a size 14 font size for my return address and a 24 font size for the actual address. Then if what I am putting the label on is in color, I try to compliment it.

For example, I just mailed a purple envelope and I made the type in purple. Very neat.

For boxes and large envelopes I use an even larger font size and usually black.

Best way to attach these labels is with rubber cement, and secured by strips of scotch tape or clear mailing tape over the entire label to make it ‘waterproof’.

Yes, this takes a couple of extra minutes, but just think how pleased YOU would be if you got a letter or a package in the mail and it looked like the sender had really taken some extra pains to make it special.

And so what, if you spend five minutes out of your day doing something like this. In the long run (or even the short run) that is nothing.

Think of all the five minute increments you waste each day doing something like waiting for an elevator or standing in line at the market. And that doesn’t brighten anyone’s life.


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