About three years ago I was walking through Neiman Marcus, when a woman at the Clair sonic counter asked if I would like a demonstration of their new product called The Opal.Photo on 4-30-13 at 7.51 AM

As I used the face brush daily, I thought, Why Not? She put a drop of Dead Sea Serum on the little white tip and proceeded to massage it into my eye area for about thirty seconds.

It did look a lot smoother than the other eye. Then she did the other eye and I was ‘sold’. So for $185, I now had my very own Opal and one ounce of the serum (plus two extra tips).

I have used it religiously every day for the past three years. I keep it on its charger right by my bathroom sink. I am now on my third bottle of the dead sea serum.

Yesterday, I accidentally bumped the side of my Opal and it made a little buzzing sound. I had turned it on.Photo on 4-30-13 at 7.51 AM #2

I did not know you had to turn it on. I thought it was like a cell phone. Charge and go. Boy, do I feel stupid! So if any of you readers have an Opal and have never turned it on, the ‘button’ is right on the side. It goes on for thirty seconds and then turns itself off. Then you do the other eye.

Gee, just think how great I would look, if I had actually turned this little wonder on for the 1000 times I have used it. At least I massaged the serum into the eye area every day.

If you check this out, Neiman Marcus has this in white and now black for men. I got the turquoise one at Nordstrom’s.