My very most favorite kitchen appliance would have to be my Kitchen Aid mixer. (Actually it is a toss up between that and my new Cuisinart).

Here it is right before using. I haven’t even put the beater in yet. Just had to snap a photo before I used it the first time.

This one is Martha Stewart blue. That is a soft aqua. I have the matching bowl and spatula for a real designer look while I am baking. I also have the MS apron in the same shade with red trim.

These mixers don’t only look good, they work extremely well. They are very heavy and do not move around on the counter. The bowl does not turn, just the beaters. Most batters mix in a very short time.

I have added the beater that ‘scrapes the bowl’. This does not come with the machine but it is a $30 extra. Well worth it.

The machine comes with a good beater, a wire whisk for beating egg whites and cream and a dough hook.

You can also buy attachments that fit onto the shaft. I have the meat grinder, which I love. I always grind my own ‘hamburger’ from lean cuts of beef.

I have also made turkey burgers with scraps of uncooked turkey. No comparison to store bought. Fresh and you KNOW what is in it.

This mixer comes in the most gorgeous colors. My first one was white. Then I got a red one. My last one was royal blue. And now aqua.

It also comes in pumpkin, green, silver and pink. Williams and Sonoma comes out with new colors each season. Pumpkin for the fall, red and green for the Christmas Holidays etc.

You get the picture. There is even a company that sells Kitchen Aid decals so you can make your mixer very original.

The reason I have had so many is that I have moved a lot and this mixer weighs a ton. I have usually sold my ‘used’ mixer for almost as much as a new one and I have ‘traded up’ in size as well.

Yes, it is an expensive addition to your kitchen, but you will never regret buying one. Even Costco sells these and sometimes Macy’s has a good sale on ‘last year’s color’.

Actually all the colors are very pretty. I have a fantasy in my head, where I have a very large kitchen, with an island in the middle.

On one long counter are about six of these machines in various colors. Since you have to use the KA bowl, this means you could make mashed potatoes, whipped cream, chocolate cake, cookies and bread, all without having to wash the bowl.

Of course you would then have five or six bowls and beaters to wash all at once. Of course the rest of my fantasy is that I would have a maid who would be right there to do this.