Have you ever watched a golf tournament? I used to think this would be about as thrilling as watching paint dry. No more.

Now it is so exciting, a great moment in sports. This year there were so many stories besides just plain old golf. There was one competitor who was only fourteen. He is from China and in the eighth grade. He made the cut and in the finals scored plus nine. Pretty amazing for such a young golfer.

Of course there was Tiger Woods, who didn’t have his best day, but is still fun to watch. There were some older famous golfers and lots of young new golfers in their twenties.

The clothes are very colorful now. Lots of chartreuse and pink. Mostly white slacks, but really quite a fashion show thanks to Nike and the other big sports companies.

Then there were representatives from all around the world. By near the end, there were three Australians in the top four. The grand winner was a 32 year old from Australia, the first ever from that country.

The total purse was $8 million, split among the top 50 golfers. I’m sure numbers two through ten came out with a tidy sum.

The grand prize was $1.4 Million and Adam Scott really deserved it. He tied with the golfer from Argentina and they had to do a sudden death match for the title and the green jacket.

Gee, the Pope and the winner of the Masters would have been quite a day for Argentina.

This meant that after their scores were both minus nine, they had to play the 18th hole for the championship. Another tie. Then they moved to the 10th hole for another sudden death match.

This time Angel from Argentina hit a putt that landed 1/20 of an inch from the hole. Right on the edge. Then Adam from Australia made his 12 foot putt to clinch the title.

It was the most exciting finish and one you couldn’t write in a movie. All day on the final day, the rain was coming down. The golfers didn’t seem to mind getting soaked and only now and then even got under an umbrella.

I’m sure there aren’t a lot of 75 year old women who would spend all day Saturday and all day Sunday totally wrapped up in a golf tournament. This really made a believer out of me. I can’t wait till next year. Now that I know the players, it will be even more fun.