I have a new favorite product. It is called Kinesio Tape Tex Gold. This is a water resistant tape that is put on strains and sore muscles for almost instant pain relief.91R6t2AoRLL._SL1500_

You may have seen athletes wearing bright stripes on their bodies during the Olympics.

It is usually applied by someone who knows just how and where to put it. My chiropractor put a four inch strip down both sides of my spine and I had immediate relief from terrible back pain.

This comes in rolls in several colors. Beige is the most invisible, but you can also get it in black, blue, or hot pink.

My doctor sells it for $25 a roll and that is where I usually get it. However I decided to check online to see if it was any cheaper. I found it at Amazon for only $11 a roll and Free Shipping.

So I ordered two rolls and when I got my confirmation it said $22 for the two tapes and $40.97 for shipping. Not exactly free. I couldn’t imagine how two rolls of tape, which would easily fit in a soft padded envelope could cost more than $5 to ship to anywhere.

Needless to say I canceled the order. I did find another site that charged $22.95 for shipping, but this is ridiculous.

This item can’t weigh more than a few ounces. Meanwhile I still have half a roll left. Hopefully I will find another source by the time this runs out.

It is a little difficult to put it on your back by yourself, but it can be done. I did it. You have to press hard to make the tape ‘melt’ to your skin. It lasts about four days, even if you get it wet.

You can check this out online. Maybe the shipping is only this high because it is coming to Hawaii. Which many sellers think is a foreign country.

OK> I found a very similar item at Walgreens. It is the same tape, but brand is Mueller. Also it is in black, which is all right. I use it on my back, so it really doesn’t ‘show’. $9.99 and free shipping if you spend $25. This is not very hard to do as Walgreens.com carries just about everything you need for health and home.

Walgreens.com has a good special. If you spend $50, and enter code 10OFF50, you get a $10 credit and free shipping. Except to Hawaii the shipping is $12.49. Still with the $10 savings, it is really like paying only $2.49 for shipping.

So if you plan to order this, just add something else to your order so it totals $50. It can be vitamins, household products, beauty products, as seen on TV, or about a million other things. Take your pick.

I ordered two of the tapes and six of something else I always use. And it still came to $10 less, than had I just ordered the two tapes from Amazon. Voila!