Today I will tell you how to keep cake from spoiling.

The secret is vodka. Any old kind will do. I buy the big bottle of Whatever is on sale at Longs. Usually I keep vodka in the freezer, but for cooking purposes, this is not necessary.

When you are going to bake a box mix cake, instead of adding water, add vodka and orange juice. If it calls for one cup of water, you could go 50/50 or 60/40.

Your cake will be very moist and stay fresh until you are done with it. If you put it in the refrigerator it will last a loooong time. NO, you do not taste the vodka.

If you are making a chocolate cake and like the flavor of coffee, you could put kahlua or coffee liquor instead of the orange juice.

If you want it more chocolaty, add Bailey’s instead of the juice.

When you are making a lemon cake, add triple sec or Galliano to the orange juice/vodka mixture. Then for a great glaze, mix the orange liquor, vodka, melted butter and powdered sugar. Add some lemon zest and pour over the warm cake.

This frosting WILL taste like a Harvey Wallbanger. In fact this is called a Harvey Wallbanger cake. If you want it to taste more ‘down home’ add a couple of tablespoons of poppy seeds to the lemon cake batter.

For a more sophisticated cake, make a mixture of brown sugar, melted butter, and chopped pecans or walnuts and sprinkle over the top of the cake. This will become the ‘bottom’ when you unmold it from the pan.

Or you can put half the batter in pan, then add nut mixture  (leaving a border on both edges) and then top with the rest of the batter. You will have a nutty center in each slice.

I always use Duncan Hines mix and the bundt cake recipe on the side of the box. Doctored up, of course. Devils Food or Lemon Supreme.

Always use four eggs, half cup oil, one cup of vodka etc., and box of instant pudding (lemon or chocolate/vanilla. This is always a big hit and tastes very home made.

I usually use the regular instant pudding but I have used the sugar free/fat free type and this works OK too.