The condo I live in has decided that after forty years, the window glass in the two forty story towers needs to be replaced. Last year the ceilings adjoining the windows had be scraped and this involved moving everything within five feet of the edges of our apartment.

Now, a year later, the big day is looming on the horizon. This time is even worse. I have no idea where I am going to move all the items, as my condo is full of collectibles. Worst of all is my sixteen room doll house mansion. It happens to be on a buffet which is two feet from the main windows.

Not only is the one ton buffet with marble slab top going to have to be ‘moved’, but the doll house on top will have to be totally taken apart. The thought of this alone is giving me nightmares.

I lie awake trying to figure out just how to do this. Do I put all the furniture, little dishes and artwork in separate bags per room? What a mess! It took me two years to get it just like it is now. I have one month to figure out how to unassemble it.

Then there is my crystal collection on six glass shelves in front of another window. I will have to pack up all the crystal objects. How? I think laying them on towels and rolling them up, and then putting the towel rolls in suitcases will be the best solution.

Then someone, not me, will have to move the glass shelves.

My kitchen is another big problem. Hanging in front of the kitchen window is a huge steel pot rack. It hangs on chains from the ceiling and it will have to be taken down, along with about thirty pots. Where will this go?

Over my sink are two glass shelves, that each weigh about forty pounds. This is were I keep all my bottles of kitchen oils and sauces.

When the windows are removed the house will become one huge wind tunnel. Everything on every shelf will have to be stored somewhere. My desk with all my papers, my craft department, my entire kitchen will have to be covered with tarps, weighted down or ???

The worst part of this whole ridiculous event, is that no one can be in the condo while this is being done. This means I have to pack for a couple of days, move out into a hotel and then come back and put my house back together again.

We live on the third floor and ocean views are not a big issue. But the higher floors used to have gorgeous ocean views. I say used to. I heard some women talking in the elevator. Evidently their condos had already been converted to the new windows.

Whoever approved the new thicker windows chose them for sound proofing. The thickness and bronze tinting of the glass has spoiled the view. It is not as clear and vivid as before. How stupid is that? A multi million dollar project, which instead of increasing the property value, will probably wind up decreasing the resale value of the prime view condos.

Meanwhile, I am having nightmares about how to prepare for this onslaught. If I begin about one month in advance (next week) and do one shelf or area a day, I will be able to get it ready in one month. In the meantime, my living area will be a mess for over thirty days.

Or if I just do it one week in advance and work about four hours a day, I could do it that way. In any case, I have a few days to decide just what to do.

In the meantime, I will probably continue to have nightmares.