Never book an airplane flight at 9 a.m. This means you have to be at the airport at 6 a.m. Which means you have to wake up at 4:30 a.m.

Most people in Las Vegas would just stay up all night, rather than go to bed at one or two and get up two or three hours later. Not me.

My grandson was fast asleep at 4:30, let him sleep till 5 a.m. Still fast asleep. Putting socks on a sleeping child is not easy.

When we got to the taxi, he freaked. Where were his stuffed animals? He travels with four, which he has had since birth. My son went back to the rooms and did a search, but came back empty handed.

They must be in the luggage. No, they were not. After several frantic calls to the hotel lost and found from the airport and then when we got back to Honolulu, they were found.

Hooray. But as it was a Friday, they would not go out till Monday and so did not get back to their ‘owner’ until today, Tuesday. Fedex, overnight.

Big reunion. All’s well that ends well. For those of you who think eleven is too old to be so attached to baby toys, I just read an article about how blankies and favorite toys relieve stress.

It also said that 25% of young adults who go off to college take a favorite teddy bear or pillow or blanket with them.