Last night. Best for last. Gordon Ramsay Steak House. In the Paris Hotel, where we were staying. What a restaurant!

The restaurant is just off the casino, which appears to be outside, but isn’t. The sky above gives the illusion.photoSteven was wearing his ‘signature’ ear phones and carrying his iPhone in the photo. He is eleven, proud Dad, my son is 54.

The place was packed to the gills. The music was loud, but perfect. Our table was the best in the house. Facing the bar and the kitchen.

The drink menu was on an iPad with video photos of each exotic drink. photo copy 4

Very modern decor, all black and grey with red neon chandeliers.

It was my son and I and my grandson. He has eaten in fine restaurants all over the world and so when we ordered the Tasting Menu, he wanted that also.

Ours came with wine pairings, but his did not. First course was a Scottish quail egg, rolled in pork crumbs. He popped it into his mouth, said it was fabulous and asked the waiter if he could have another one. (Unusual for a child, but earlier in the week, he ordered iced oysters on the half shell.)

My son asked if they would bring him one more and just put it on the bill. In a few moments a platter came to the table with six of these morsels. Each was in it’s own ‘nest’.  “Compliments of the manager”.

My son and I each had another, as it was so delicious, and my grandson ate four more.

From there we had beet salad, and then the ‘main course’, Beef Wellington. Pear Tartin was the dessert. Each course was served with a fine wine.

The dinner came with a beautiful bound copy of the menu and a signed photograph of Gordon Ramsay. HK…Hell’s Kitchen.

Very expensive. Usually the symbol for very expensive is $$$$. For this restaurant, I should have to say the symbol would be $$$$$$…