St. Patricks Day in Las Vegas.

Day two of my Las Vegas vacation was highlighted by the David Copperfield show at the MGM Grand. If you are living on this planet and do not know who he is, he is the world’s greatest illusionist.

Not your average magician, he is a true wizard. I was visiting Las Vegas with my son and my grandson, which was fitting, as the first time I saw DC was at my son’s 18th birthday party in 1976. (He and my son are the same age, 54)

DC was playing at the Pagoda Hotel here in Honolulu. He was a teenager himself and was already a very accomplished magician. His father had disowned him for pursuing magic as his career and wanted him to get a ‘real’ job.

Over the years I have seen him several times at Caesar’s Palace. This was a very special performance to a packed audience. We sat in the third row and had a totally unobstructed view of him at all times.

He performed dozens of illusions and had everyone in the palm of his hand. One of his more spectacular feats was making a vintage automobile appear on stage in the air, supported by four steel posts. Two seconds earlier, the car wasn’t there.

He had people from the audience holding the posts prior to the automobile appearing. Then he turned the key in the ignition and you could hear the engine roar and see the tires spin.

He chose people from the audience totally by random. He threw huge balls from the stage and they bounced around the crowd. When someone caught one, they were ‘it’. My son caught one of the balls.

He was one of a dozen to go on stage, sit in a chair on a raised platform and then David Copperfield covered the whole group with a parachute type cloth.

When he removed the cloth, all twelve people had disappeared. My grandson looked very worried. But in a few moments all twelve were in the back of the theater, waving to the audience.

He gave each participant an autographed photo of himself and I’m sure my son will never forget the entire experience. Neither will I.