This will be my last blog for a week. I am going to Las Vegas tomorrow to celebrate my 75th Birthday.I will have a lot of neat things to write about when I return.

Day before yesterday I wrote a blog about going to a restaurant on their last day. The other worst day to go to a restaurant is on their first day.

I remember something from 1982 that has to do with this situation. I was in Boston, staying at the Sheraton Pru Center. That is Prudential Center.

It was very nice, but expensive. After three days, there was a full page ad in the Boston Globe announcing the grand opening of the Hilton Hotel, right across the street.

The price was half of whatever we had been paying and we decided to make the switch. How bad could it be? Brand new Hilton.

We checked out and had to take a cab as we had luggage and no way could we get it across the street. This was before luggage had wheels.

The cab ride was quite long due to one way streets, and no left turns allowed. Finally we pulled up in front of the Hilton.

So far the trip across the street had cost almost $20. We checked in, and as we were both hungry, asked where the restaurant was. The manager said that the restaurant wasn’t serving yet, but we could order room service.

Great, as I was starving.

When we got to the room my husband called room service and was told that they weren’t serving the full menu, all they had was desserts. He was furious and yelled, “Just send up one of everything, and a pot of coffee and two milks.” Slam.

About twenty minutes later, came a knock on our door. It was the room service waiter. He had two carts, which he wheeled in. There were twenty seven items.

Apple pie, peach pie, cherry pie, chocolate cake, white cake, Boston cream pie, lemon meringue pie, vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, strawberry ice cream, orange sherbert and on and on.

The bill was $180 plus tip. When he left, we started laughing and then we spent the better part of the afternoon sampling all the goodies.

So the ‘good deal’ on the half price hotel room turned out to be not such a ‘good deal’.

Another first day hotel disaster happened to my parents. The Hyatt Maui had their grand opening. It was a charity event and all the movers and shakers from Honolulu flew to Maui for this.

Chris Hemmeter, the owner of the Hyatt on Maui, had donated the entire weekend at the hotel for hundreds of people. 100% of the price everyone paid, went to the charity.

My parents were there along with hundreds of other business and political leaders. The keys did not arrive at the hotel in time for the first day’s check in plus the computer/reservations/room assignment electronics were ‘down’.

So each guest had to be walked to their room by hotel security and let in. Then each time anyone left their room, they had to be let back in by hotel security.

It took five hours to check everyone in.The nightmare of checking in a whole hotel full to the brim without keys or computers wound up with a lot of unhappy people.

Never go to a restaurant or a hotel on their first day.