I had never seen the announcement of the new pope until today. When my son called and said to turn on CNN, I decided to watch.

I am very glad that I did. Although I am Jewish, I think this event transcends various faiths and is a World event. Plus two of my three husbands were Catholic and my grandson is Catholic.

I knew very little about the contenders until today. There are 115 cardinals and it takes 77 votes to elect a new Pope.

I think the cardinals made a very good choice. The man they selected was the Arch Bishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is the first pope ever from outside of Europe. He is 76 years old, one year older than me.

I had read earlier this week how a tailor shop in Rome, who makes the outfits for the popes over the past two hundred years, had made three identical outfits in small, medium and large, as no one knew who would be chosen.

I think they had to go with the Large. His opening address to the throng is St. Petersburg square showed a man with charm, a sense of humor and definitely a man of the people. He chose the name Francis after Francis of Assisi, the reform pope who symbolized poverty.

If his previous ‘job’ as Arc Bishop is any indication, he will be a very different pope. Not aloof and above it all.

He gave up his papal residence in Buenos Aires, lived in an apartment by himself and cooked his own meals. Then he gave up his driver and took the bus to ‘work’. Just one of the guys.