I always thought olive oil was for cooking and salad dressing. Today I found out some more uses for this wonderful stuff.

I usually buy Bertolli or Star brand. Sometimes I buy the Kirkland brand at Costco. None of these are very expensive. However I know that true olive oil buffs will spend $35 to $50 for a fine bottle and recently I saw an aged type at Neiman Marcus for $100 for about a pint size bottle.

For the purposes I am sharing with you, just use the plain extra virgin olive oil. (Or even not the extra virgin type)

Did you know that it makes great furniture polish? Two parts olive oil and one part vinegar (or lemon juice). Mix together in a small bowl and use a soft rag or towel to wipe and buff.

How about cleaning stainless steel? Just pour some on a rag and wipe all over. Wipe off the excess. I just poured some in my sink and wiped out with paper towels. Looks better than when using a commercial cleaner, and no pollution.

Now for your kitty. Just add one teaspoon of olive oil to your kitty’s food once a week and it will prevent hairballs. It’s also good for their coats and makes their fur shiny.

You can rub some on your hands and rub in on your own hair too. Rub it on your hands and cuticles as a good moisturizer.

And now for the finale. It makes a good eye makeup remover. Just put some on a cotton ball and wipe off that eye makeup. It doesn’t harm your sensitive eyes.

Plus a bottle of olive oil costs about ten dollars, where if you bought all these items it would come to way more.