Amazon has the world’s best customer service. When you have a problem or question you just click on the subject and select ‘call me now’. 

In ten seconds your phone will ring with a very cheerful person whose only desire is to make you happy. No waiting, no annoying messages and all you have to do is give them your name and email address.

They don’t ask your birthday, your mother’s maiden name, the last four of your social security number, or what city you were born in. Just, “How can we help you today?”.

On Tuesday my Kindle Fire froze and was unresponsive. It wouldn’t budge and wouldn’t take a charge. As I had received it as a Christmas gift in 2011, I didn’t have great expectations.

Instead the man said, “I see this was purchased in November of 2011, your warranty is expired, but I will disregard that and send you a brand new one at no charge.”

At this point I just about fell off my chair. “Thank you. But how do I load my books and apps?” He explained just how simple this would be.

And then he went on. “You will be receiving an email from us with instructions on how to return the damaged Kindle. There will be a prepaid mailing label to print out and attach to your package. Please just send it back within thirty days.”Photo on 3-7-13 at 12.57 PM

And then, the frosting on the cake: “We will be shipping your replacement out two day delivery and you should have it by Friday”.

Contrast this with another company. My I ordered a dog stroller and it said Free Shipping. But when the order never came, it seems like not only is shipping not free, they don’t ship to Hawaii at all.

The company is in Colorado but the factory is in Georgia. They seem to think Hawaii is a foreign country.

So I had the item shipped to my daughter in California. She then shipped it to Hawaii at a cost of $66. When it arrived it was not as shown and I called to find out how to return it.

The company was not very nice and wanted me to take a photo of the item and email it. As the stroller was in the carton and they hadn’t even included a packing slip, this was not possible.

Then they said there would be a 20% restocking fee. We shipped it back, at a cost of $100 and that is the last I ever heard from the company again.

No credit, no contact. I have emailed and sent snail mail. To no avail.

Guess they ought to take some lessons from Amazon. Plus, as the item was $175 to begin with, it would have been cheaper to simply throw it in the garbage.