No, not plants. Hair. If you are like me, and color your hair, then you probably have this same problem.

Your hair grows out and you have a white strip along the root line and it’s not time to color your whole head.

If you have your hair colored professionally it costs about $65 a pop, but most people only do this every six weeks. What happens on week three?

If you do it yourself, same thing. You sort of hate to go through that whole mess just for one little part.

Root Rescue to the rescue. L’Oreal does it again. Only ten minutes and about half the price of a regular box of hair colorant. Pretty simple.

I have been looking at this product and didn’t get it because they didn’t have it in my color. My hair is sort of burgundy. I tried the Root Rescue in Dark Brown and it looks good.Photo on 3-1-13 at 4.09 PM

Someone asked me what color my hair really is. I don’t know. Probably white. Or maybe a very salty salt and pepper.

This product did the trick and will tide me over until my next appointment in two weeks. Voila.