Have you ever shopped at Ross? It’s not just a clothing store. There are lots of departments.

Don’t be surprised to see name brands and men’s clothing too. Tuesday is Senior Day. If you are 55 and over, you get 10% off your purchase. There is usually an extra long line for checkout on Senior Day, so you may want to avoid that one. However, if you are making a big purchase, it would probably pay to stand in line.

To save 39 cents No, but for $20 Yes.

I have shopped at Ross for years. Usually I check out the skin care and bath products. Yesterday I found a fabulous almond oil shower gel. Seventeen ounces for only $3.99 and it is exactly like the one I used to get at Evelyn Crab-tree before they closed their Hawaii store.

The EC one is $16 for the same size bottle and they don’t ship to Hawaii. But if and when they do, they charge more for shipping than the product.

They also have lots of Dead Sea products for face and hair. Usually around $5.99 to $6.99.

Check out their food/gourmet section. They have an ever changing array of teas and candies. Lately they have a very good popcorn. Multicolored in the bottle, but it pops up golden. $2.99.

They have a terrific picture frame department. All sizes and very reasonable. Also a good art department if you want to fill up your walls. Their ‘paintings’ on canvas are around $50 and huge.

My latest find is their luggage department. My ten year old luggage ‘died’ so when I saw the burgundy ‘python’ group, I caved. I got the large, medium and a huge carry on tote. Total $200. By Guess. (and I found this on a Thursday).

I just happened to be at a Ross seventeen miles from my house. I was getting my driver’s license renewed and Ross was practically next door.

This was my celebration for passing my over 72 driving test. It’s just vision, but nice not to need glasses to read the little numbers. Here in Hawaii, you now need two photo ID’s to get a driver’s license. And a birth certificate and social security card.

Plus, if you are 72 or older you have to have your license renewed every two years, instead of seven. What a hassle!Photo on 2-28-13 at 4.48 PMPerfect for my trip to Paris in Las Vegas next week for Birthday #75!