Last night was the finale for Season 3. Two hours of English life visiting the Highlands. I am so sorry for this season to come to an end.

And what an end. I don’t want to tell you the entire ending in case you hadn’t heard. Toward the end, Lady Mary gives birth to her and Matthews son and heir to Downton Abbey.

It was a joyous day in the lives of all the regulars on the show. Matthew declared his undying love for Lady Mary, as she tenderly held their child.

Edith, who was jilted at the alter by an ‘older’ man, is now in love with a married man who can never leave his wife, as she is in a mental asylum and doesn’t even know who he is.

Edna, the maid was fired for flirting with Tom, the ex butler, who has now become son in law to the Downtons. (although his wife died in childbirth).

If all this is just too much to digest, and you missed Season 3, you can purchase the whole thing for $19.99 on iTunes. That is all eight episodes, about ten hours of drama.

If you have an Apple TV, you can stream this to your TV set. And if you only missed Sunday’s two hour show, that will be $2.99.

But it is worth it just to see the fabulous costumes in every scene. This definitely should win the Emmy for Costume Design, as well as many other categories.

Be sure to have a hankie nearby for the ending.