Today I received the new Oprah magazine and around eight o’clock I curled up with it. (I must say I have to admire the work of whoever did the photo shopped version of Oprah on the cover).

Photo on 2-16-13 at 11.00 PM #2

At ten p.m. I was reading  about De Cluttering your Life. It showed a couple cleaning out their shared closet together. Yuck. Now that is something I would never do with my husband/boyfriend.

The professional organizer helped them and also set up ‘rules’. Such as they each had three vetoes, if the other person wanted them to get rid of something and they really didn’t want to. Still…
I decided I needed to do this. So from 10 p.m. until 10:45, I made quite a dent. Here are the photos to prove it. Now my clothes can slide a little. I gave away some beautiful things, but many were eight and ten years old, and I don’t wear them. Some were ‘gifts’. Some I’m just tired of and some I have never worn and probably won’t in the future.

Here are the photos to ‘prove’ it. 1, first pile on bed. 2, fold and put in garbage bags. 3, admire empty hangers. 4, check to see that clothes now ‘slide’. photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5
Check out all the empty hangers. Tomorrow I will color code the clothes in my closet. Dark to light. The problem is that over half my clothes are black.

It is always wise to do this sort of ‘job’ in the evening and sleep on it. If you have nightmares about something you ‘gave away’, you can always dig it out of the garbage bag.