Today I saw a terrific movie, ‘The Royal Affair’. This Danish film with English subtitles is a contender for best foreign language film at the Oscars this weekend. I loved every minute of it and hope it wins the Academy Award.

The movie is over two hours long and not once did I look at my watch. I had no idea what the flick was about, but it turns out not only was it entertaining, but true. The time period was approximately the same time as the American revolution.

This history lesson of Denmark and it’s Kings was so well done, it could have been the Real Deal.

The movie begins in England where a young girl is ‘married’ to the king of Denmark although they have never met. She learns to speak Danish and travels by coach to Denmark to meet her husband. Queen Caroline meets King Christian and it is not a match made in heaven.

Soon after  their wedding, she becomes pregnant and gives birth to their son Frederick. At this point the king pretty much ignores her and she couldn’t be more pleased.

He is a puppet king and his council pulls the strings. They decide that since he acts sort of crazy, he ought to have his own personal physician.

They find him one in Germany and have him imported to Denmark. Soon he and doctor are best of friends and the doctor becomes his confidant and then a great influence on the government.

He also becomes the lover of the queen and the biological father to her second child. At this point they decide she better get cozy with the king, so he doesn’t become suspicious when she has a baby and he hasn’t ‘visited’ her in a year.

From here the movie takes lots of twists and turns and I don’t want to reveal the ending and spoil it for you. I will say that eventually Queen Caroline dies and she leaves this story in letters for her children to read.

Frederick is so moved, he then decides to become King of Denmark and rules for 55 years. He is a good king and implements many new ideas, such as smallpox vaccinations, an orphanage for children, and the abolishment of torture, slavery and censorship. He is sort of a Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln rolled into one.

The scenery and feeling of Denmark is beautifully portrayed and all the actors are excellent in their roles. This is a must see, if you enjoy historical movies.