Las Vegas is top destination for Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day, it’s Vegas, baby!

For the second year in a row, Las Vegas ranked as the most popular destination for Valentine’s Day among people who booked hotel rooms on Orbitz, one of the nation’s most popular travel website.

I can believe it. I lived in Las Vegas for over five years and Valentines Day was always super busy. I remember that on February 14, 2000, I had to go downtown to the police station to get fingerprinted for my real estate license. As I drove up I saw a line with hundreds of people, which appeared to be coming out of the police station.

Actually it was for the court house, down the block. These people were all in line to get marriage licenses. They had come from all over the country (and the world) to get married in Las Vegas on this special day.

There are 52 wedding chapels in Las Vegas, plus most of the hotels have wedding chapels as well. For $50 you can have a simple drive through ceremony at the Little White Chapel, or a $50,000 extravaganza at the Bellagio.

The wedding business is a big deal in Las Vegas. Not just the clothes and the limos and the food, but many people bring all their guests from out of town and these people also need hotel rooms.

If you want to get married on Valentines Day in Las Vegas, I suggest you make your reservations for 2014 now. The wedding chapels book every fifteen minutes for their ‘quickie’ weddings and if you want a fancy wedding at one of the fine hotels, they can only do a few per day.

Some of the wedding chapels feature Elvis weddings, some have a Western theme, it’s up to you. The chapels are open 24 hours a day and if you don’t act fast, you may find yourself getting married at four in the morning.

Of course you can have all the trimmings and even a video of the event. Some people want a skydiving wedding, or one with wetsuits at the bottom of an aquarium. Whatever floats your boat.

When I lived in Las Vegas I sold timeshare. I will never forget that day when I went to the lobby to greet my clients and the woman was wearing a bridal gown and the man was in a tuxedo. She had rice in her hair. They had just gotten married and were booked for a timeshare presentation.

I meant to ask, (but never did) were they booked before the ceremony, or did some gutsy ‘booker’ approach them on the street after the wedding? Their gift for attending was two show tickets and two buffets, so I guess that was going to be their celebration dinner.

They were very nice, told me all about the wedding and didn’t seem to be in any particular hurry to leave. I didn’t sell them a timeshare that day, as I had a hard time keeping my eyes off of the long white gloves and the veil.

My next couple that very same day came to the presentation in matching grey sweatpants and hoodies. They told me upfront that they would have to leave in ninety minutes as they were getting married that day

When their ninety minutes were up, I ushered them out and made a remark about how they would have time to go back to their hotel and change. They said, “NO, we are going directly to the chapel from here. This is what we are getting married in”.

Only in Vegas.