If you want to give a Valentine candy bar to someone, why not wrap it in a special wrap? I was at Neiman Marcus and they have a line of adorable candy bars in fabulous wraps. However they are $16 a bar.

Why not just buy a good quality bar like Godiva or even Cadbury and wrap it yourself? Here are some ideas to get you started.

In any craft store there are stacks and stacks of paper in every theme imaginable. These are meant to be used in scrapbooks and are usually 12″ x 12″. Perfect.

Or you could find something interesting in a magazine, cut out the page and use that for a wrapper. For a woman, some of the perfume ads have great graphics. (and this is ‘free’ paper)

For a man, something to do with sports or cars. And for a teen, an ad for electronics or food. For a child, how about the comic section of the Sunday paper? And you can always add a bow, or use some of the new colored scotch tape.

If you want to get fancy, you can make a personalized tag by typing a sentiment on your computer in a large pretty handwriting font. I like Lucida Handwriting or Lucida Blackletter in at least an 18 size font. Just print, cut out and Voila!

Or if you are really printer smart, you could print the sentiment right on the paper you are using for your wrap. I haven’t actually done this as I don’t know how to get the print in just the right place. But I may try it and see.

Or you could paste the sentiment tag on the paper, draw a bow and ribbon with a marking pen and copy it in your copier. That sounds even easier. And you could use colored printer paper for the wrap. There are lots of great colors, neons and patterns at Office Depot.

All you have to do is measure the length of the candy bar and cut the paper to match. Wrap. Attach back of wrap to itself with rubber cement. (or scotch tape).DSC_0535s DSC_0531s DSC_0531s-1DSC_0537s