Yesterday I received an email about a special ‘sale’ at a store where I have shopped. Today came this retraction. I always wonder who checks the content of these specials, before they go out to millions of people.

This is not a major thing, but we have become so accustomed to using the internet, that we just assume that whatever we read is true. I remember when the computer used to be blamed for anything going wrong in the ‘paper world’.

Just goes to show you, there has to be a human back there pulling the strings.


We pushed the wrong button and we’re sorry.

You may have received an email from The Body Shop® yesterday about our Birthday Party for Love Your Body™ club members with birthdays in February.

To clarify, the birthday party is on Friday, February 8th (not Thursday) and the $10 birthday reward is only valid for Love Your Body™ members with a birthday in February.

If your birthday is not in February, rest assured that as a benefit of membership, you will receive your $10 reward during the month of your birthday.

We apologize for any confusion.