I really enjoyed the Super Bowl today. I wanted San Francisco to win, but all in all I think they did very well and it was an exciting game.

I have watched almost every Super Bowl for the past forty years. Usually I would have friends over and it was always a good excuse to eat lots of fattening food. Pizza, tacos, chips, dips, cookies, and lots of drinks. Today I watched it all by myself. I had a couple of rum and cokes, but not much food.

The most memorable football games I have seen over the years were not the Super Bowls, but the playoffs. The first one I remember was New Year’s Day 1966. This was the very first time that a football game was broadcast live to Hawaii. Up until then they were always delayed and either you already knew the score and who won, or you didn’t watch the news or read a newspaper for a week.

We bought our first color TV and were very excited that we would be able to see a game while it was actually being played. This one was memorable. Green Bay Packers vs. Dallas Cowboys in Green Bay Wisconsin. The temperature in Green Bay was below freezing and the entire audience was wearing ski masks and drinking out of flasks to stay warm.

Here in Hawaii it was 80 degrees and we were wearing bathing suits and shorts. The Packers won, but it was a close game.

Then a couple of years later, another playoff game would go down in history. The Heidi Game.

Heidi did not interrupt the Super Bowl. The ‘Heidi Game’ was played November 17, 1968 between the New York Jets and Oakland Raiders. NBC had contracted to show the movie Heidi beginning at 7 PM. At that time (7 PM), the Jets had a 32-29 lead over the Raiders and there was about 1 minute left in the game. Instead of staying with the game to its conclusion, NBC cut to commercial messages followed by the beginning of Heidi. In the final minute of the game the Raiders scored two touchdowns to win 43-32.

All subsequent contracts with television networks have the clause that the network must show the entire game regardless of the score.

In today’s game there were several landmark moments. One, when  Jones of the Ravens caught the kickoff after the half in their end zone. He then proceeded to run 108 yards for a touchdown. It took all of eleven seconds.

At this point the Ravens were ahead 28-6. The San Francisco team had a grand total of two field goals. Now the New Orleans stadium lost half their power. It took half an hour to restore the electricity and then the 49’ers went to town. By the time the game ended the final score was 34-31.

A pretty exciting game. Plus a lot of human interest as two brothers were the head coaches of both teams.  I just felt sorry for the players who had to wait around during the power failure.