When I think back to some of the blogs I have written, I am usually surprised by which ones got the most readership. I usually check the following day just to see.

So imagine my surprise when my blog about Oobleck, the playdoh type stuff ala Dr. Suess got twice as many hits as any of my other blogs this month.

I would have guessed the one about Manti Teo would have been more popular. Or even the one following it about the Mormon missionaries.

Speaking of the Mormon missions, I think I have come up with a good idea for them to convert more people at a lower cost per convert. iPhones.

Currently each boy/man goes on a two year mission, to somewhere. His family foots the bill for this. Probably similar to sending your child to a university with room and board for 24 months. Plus transportation to and from Utah or wherever they are beginning their journey.

Being conservative, let’s say $25K per year. This is assuming that they live in a dorm, eat mostly rice while in Asia and don’t do anything lavish or expensive like going to a movie or out to dinner.

So a two year cost per person of $50K. According to the Mormon church elders, this is a big honor and results in the actual conversion of five (you read it right) five per session.

So the cost per convert is $10K. Here is my idea: I know that people love free gifts. I was in the timeshare business for twenty five years, and all the clients came for the ‘free’ gift. In Vegas, this was usually two tickets to a show and two free buffets. In Hawaii, a free luau for two or a catamaran ride.

This gift was given to compensate each couple for ‘ninety minutes’ of their time. Actually much longer, if you count getting there, waiting around for an agent and finally going through the ninety minute sales pitch. If you decided to purchase a timeshare, you could add another hour or two for paperwork.

How about an iPhone. Everyone wants one. I bet the Mormon church could get a good deal on last years model for let’s say $100 each. By offering a free iPhone to each new convert, I bet the conversion rate would at least double. So ten converts in two years at a cost of only $5100 per.

And if it were so successful, the rate could even triple or quadruple, bringing the cost per new Mormon down to $2500 each. I don’t know why I am spending any time on this, as the end result would just mean more Mormons in the world.

However this is my two cents, and if any of you readers are Mormons, or know any Mormons, you might want to pass this idea along to the proper committee.

And if not, just make a batch of Oobleck and have a nice day.