I totally forgot to post a blog last night. I was having company for dinner and was busy in the kitchen about the time I am usually ‘blogging’.

At dinner the conversation turned to current events. As one of my guests had just flown in from Singapore, there was a lively discussion about the ‘flu’.

You don’t have to go to Asia to catch the flu. There have been epidemic flu outbreaks in various parts of the United States, with 18 flu related deaths so far. Children mostly.

The elderly are at high risk and also those with compromised immune systems of any age. Hard to believe, but I am definitely ‘elderly’ at almost 75 years old.

So if you haven’t already done so, there is still time to get your flu shot. Especially if you live in Hawaii, where we are about one month behind the ‘mainland’ as far as flu is concerned.

Your insurance should cover this and you can get your shot at most drugstores or even Safeway. No excuse.