December 27, and the mall was packed. I think it was busier than before Christmas. The parking lot was one big gridlock.

The good news is that when I finally found a parking place, it was my required fifteen minute walk to where I was headed. Then a fifteen minute walk back.

Of course I broke this up with an hour in Neiman Marcus. And then another hour in Macy’s. I actually didn’t buy anything in either place for myself.

I did an exchange for Peter and that was fun. Imagine finding a beautiful ‘leather jacket’ by Calvin Klein in a Large/slim fit, at half price? Less my 15% discount coupon. These treasure hunts are what makes shopping fun for me.

Otherwise Macy’s is a mess. Clothes all jumbled up and falling off the racks. Nothing arranged by size or style. I find it hard to believe that such a large department store has such poor management. (Even the jacket I purchased was what we call in Hawaii ‘kapakahi’ on the rack, wedged between a pair of slacks and a white shirt.)

On the other hand, Neiman’s is always perfect. They have their clothes all neatly hung and folded. Everything is arranged by designer or size. All the clothes are facing in the same direction.

And there are lots of sales people who are constantly asking how they can help you.

They were having a huge after Christmas sale also. But their sale prices are so funny. I saw a pretty pair of leopard high heels by Laboutin. Originally $1395, now only $1077.

I had just read in the Enquirer that Tom Cruise’s six year old daughter wears this brand. She also has a $150,000 shoe collection. I imagine none of these shoes will fit her when she is seven.

Thirty years ago, I used to wear Salvatore Ferragamo shoes. They still make the same style. It is a classic low heel patent leather shoe with a grograin bow on the toe. I remember they were expensive then at $150 a pair. Now they are $450 a pair.

Best buys were in the candy department where everything was 50% off. All Holiday ornaments and cards also. But the cards were $21 each to begin with.

I did see one item in the Dior cosmetic department that I would have purchased, but it was out of stock.