About a month ago the little yellow light came on in my car telling me, the air in my tire was low. I had it filled and two weeks later, same thing.

As it was the Saturday before Christmas, the tire person said to come back the day after Christmas. Well the day after Christmas I was in the hospital with pulmonary edema (fluid in the lungs), so that was not on the agenda.

Today I finally got around to it. Seems there was a nail in my tire. The place I went to is called Lex Brodie’s. It is a Hawaiian institution. I remember when it was just tires. Now it is brakes and shocks too.

They even have a line of purses and briefcases made out of recycled tractor tires. If you think these would be cheap, think again. Most of them are $200 and up.

I had to wait in their customer lounge nearly two hours. Here are some photos from that experience. Wonder who their decorator is?

photo photo copy