Today is bright and sunny. Temperature is close to 80 degrees and there is a very slight breeze. We call the breezes, ‘trade winds’.

Yesterday at the mall it was actually humid. After Christmas shoppers were wearing shorts/sandals. We call those ‘slippahs’ in Hawaii.

Shopping is a huge passion for our visiting tourists from Japan. They think everything is a bargain. Evidently designer goods cost a lot more in Japan. They are loaded with shopping bags from Chanel and Dior. Also Prada and Louis Vuitton.

Not to mention Escada and shoes by Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik. For handbags there is a huge choice. Coach, Fendi, Dolce & Gabanna, and on and on. Jewelry stores like Tiffany’s and Harry Winston and of course Lego and Apple.

Neiman Marcus has every fine designer in full force. The men’s department is loaded with $400 shirts and $300 jeans.

The same is true of steak. A good steak dinner in Tokyo can cost $200 a person, where here, the best in town is about $50. And we are talking Morton’s or Ruth Chris.

Benihana is a big draw and their complete dinner with filet is around $50. They are always packed. Many birthdays are celebrated there and the waiters sing Happy Birthday in Japanese.

Meanwhile I spent Christmas Day in the hospital. My room was ‘freezing’. Luckily the nurses kept bringing me warm blankets.

Then when I got home, Peter surprised me with the neatest thing: an electric towel warmer. This can be used to heat towels, blankets, robes and whatever you want to be warm.

It looks like a stand up tall oval waste basket with a lid. Just put two towels in, press the button and ten minutes later you have nice warm toasty towels.

If this seems like a funny item for warm Hawaii, remember that I live in an air conditioned condo and it is always cool inside. Plus when you are born and raised in Hawaii, two below is 68 degrees.